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Fast Forward Your Fitness

$90 for 3 Sessions


Fast Forward Your Fitness

$90 for 3 Sessions


BODYTEC EMS is a whole body workout that helps busy individuals save time with a 20 minute session once a week.

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How Is That Possible?

BODYTEC uses  EMS (Electro Muscle Stimulation) to send electrical impulses to your muscles which causes them to contract. It’s a revolutionary workout, that is backed up by decades of scientific research, that has completely changed the game when it comes to working out. Instead of one muscle group, it stimulates your whole body at the same time.  In just 20 minutes, once a week – yes you read that right; you will get a whole body workout, equivalent to about THREE hours in the gym. Crazy right?

When can I expect results?

After the First Session

You will feel a difference and notice all your muscles when you move. Your body will release endorphins and you will experience increased physical awareness and notice an improvement in your posture.

1 Month

Start to feel stronger and notice an improved core strength.

After 2 Months

You will not only feel great but notice a visible difference from the EMS training, with increased muscle formation and possible reduction in body fat (depending on diet).

What are the Benefits?

Time Saving Workout

A typical workout at the gym averages about 1 hour per session, and you need about three sessions per week to see results. At Bodytec, you only need 20 minutes, once a week to achieve the same results as up to 3 hours of lifting weights in the gym.

Low Impact on Joints

The EMS suit does the majority of the work so that your joints and tendons don't have to. There is no weightlifting, running, jumping or skipping, so it's perfect for anyone with injuries or joint problems who have previously struggled in this area.

Deep Muscle Activation

A traditional workout activates about 30% of your muscles at a time. Bodytec's EMS technology is able to activate close to 90% of all your muscles at the same time.

Can Help Reduce Back Pain

There are a lot of causes of back pain in our modern world; things such as heavy physical work and sitting for long periods of time at a desk can really take it toll. An EMS workout can help you to train weaker muscles which results in the load on the spine being reduced, as well as brining some reduced pain relief.

Post Natal Recovery

Getting back into exercise after pregnancy and birth can be daunting for a number of reasons such as weaker pelvic floor muscles and abdominal separation. It’s important that you don’t push your body too hard after birth, which is why EMS training, which is low impact and gentle, is great for postnatal recovery. We can target core muscles as well as modify some exercises to help activate and strengthen the pelvic floor muscles.

Weight Loss and Toning

EMS training helps to activate your muscles in a much deeper way than you could achieve through traditional training. Your muscles require more energy than fat, which basically means the more muscle you have, the higher your metabolism. The higher your metabolism, the less body fat you will have. EMS targets eight specific muscle groups - your legs, glutes, lower back, laterals, upper back, chest, abs and arms. Because you can control the intensity of each of these groups, you can sculpt and tone your problem areas in relation to your goals.

Reduce Cellulite

The deep muscle stimulation that EMS training provides results in toned muscles. When muscles are toned, the skin that lays above them is tightened which results in a smoother appearance. As well as this, the compression effects of wearing the required EMS garments promote healthy blood circulation which can enhance cellulite reduction.

Improved Posture

EMS training is highly effective in targeting deep postural muscles and strengthening them. In doing so, it can help improve core strength and address and correct any muscle imbalances that could be affecting posture. It is so targeted and controlled that it ensures equal muscle activation on all body parts so that you can’t over work one side.

Boost Well-Being

Exercise has long been known to improve our health, mood and general well being. With EMS training, although you only workout for 20 minutes, those same endorphins are released leaving you feeling happier and energised!

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We are so confident in our EMS training that if you don’t find it amazing if you are not 100% satisfied then we will gladly refund you.

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Limited Time:  First 100 customers only!

EMS Training As Featured in Mens Health

What do you want to do?

Do you want to keep doing what you have been doing? Or come try a 20 minute EMS session to feel the results.

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Frequently Asked Questions – BODYTEC EMS

Is EMS training safe?

Yes, EMS training simply imitates the natural electo impluses between the brain, the central nervous system and muscle tissue. We use a low-frequency stimulus to activate intense muscle contractions and your personal trainer will ensure your individual training levels are an optimum fit for you. In comparison to other strength training, EMS training is known to be particularly gentle on joints.

However, certain medical conditions are known to be contraindications and EMS training  is not recommended for the following conditions: (1) pregnancy; (2) pacemaker or other electrical implants; (3) acute illness, such as fever, viral infections or acute inflammatory processes. Medical consent might be necessary for some physical conditions and these should be discussed with your personal trainer before any training commences.

Where are you located?

We are Located at:

3D 209 Winton Road, Joondalup WA 6027

You can call us on 1300 500 707

Does EMS training hurt?

No, EMS Training does not hurt, we have had some clients laugh when they first experience it.  Just like any type of physical training, EMS training is an activity that requires you to get out of your comfort zone, we can adjust your levels to make the training as intense or easy as you would like.

Can anyone do EMS training?

EMS training has been scientifically proven to be effective for people of different age groups and different fitness levels. This means a performance athlete with many years of training experience can train next to a person who has been physically inactive for many years. However, certain medical conditions are known to be contraindications and EMS training is not recommended in certain cases

For some medical conditions, a doctor’s consent might be needed and suitability for the training needs to be assessed on an individual case-to-case basis. Medical conditions* requiring assessment include the following:

  • Circulatory disorders, acute stroke, stent, thrombosis and cardiovascular diseases (i.e. arteriosclerosis)
  • Bleeding, bleeding tendency or hemophilia
  • Diabetes mellitus
  • Abdominal wall hernia or inguinal hernia
  • Severe neurological disorders (i.e. epilepsy, multiple sclerosis, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis etc.)
  • Acute operation (within 8 weeks, depending on individual case)
  • Pregnancy (Do not do EMS training if you are pregnant)
  • Pacemaker (You cannot take part in EMS training if you have a pacemaker)
  • *Please note: the above list is not exhaustive and if you have any medical condition which could be affected by EMS training, it is your responsibility to inform your trainer and doctor so an appropriate assessment can be made

What do I need to bring or wear to a training session?

Come just as you are! We will provide you with everything you need. We supply everyone with the specially designed BODYTEC shirt and tights you need for an EMS training session. We have two change rooms for you to get changed and keep your belongings during your training.

You can train barefoot or wear trainers.

Can I train with a partner/friend?

Yes. We can accommodate two people at each training session.  It can often be more fun and motivating if you train with someone you know, so we actively encourage it.

Why should I only train once a week?

In order to achieve the most effective results for muscular adaptation and physical functioning, your body needs time to rest and recover. Research shows that recovery and adaptation periods after whole-body BODYTEC® EMS training sessions are significantly longer than for weight and resistance training. It is not beneficial to train more often to gain better results because BODYTEC® EMS training is so intense and effective, you only need one session per week.

When will I see results?

After your first EMS Training session, you will feel a difference. As your body releases endorphins and as most major muscle groups in your body have been activated, you will experience increased physical awareness, resulting in an improved posture. A day or two later you’ll feel some muscle stiffness, which is normal and is indicative of your body’s recovery process. Within a period of about 4 weeks, you’ll feel stronger and different muscles will improve to coordinate movements more effectively.

After roughly 8 sessions (8 weeks) you will not only feel, but also see a visible difference from the EMS training in the form of gradually increased muscle formation and a possible reduction in body fat (depending on your diet). As with conventional training, EMS training should be done regularly to ensure and maintain optimal results.

What should I eat/drink before training?

Make sure you drink plenty of water before you come to your EMS training session at BODYTEC.

EMS Training is not recommended on a full stomach,  you should try finish your meal at least an hour before you start your training session.

BODYTEC EMS Training is a high intensity training session and it is therefore important to have a sustainable meal (carbohydrate and protein-based) 2 to 3 hours before training. We also recommend drinking at least 500ml water an hour before training to ensure proper hydration. Avoid heavy, starch-based meals and sugary or carbonated drinks before your EMS training session.

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