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Can Ems Personal Training Replace Workouts At The Gym?

By December 3, 2019September 17th, 2020No Comments

Amy was trying to lose weight after her pregnancy. Getting back to exercising and a regular workout routine was a daunting task for her. She could not join a gym and spend hours there for workout because a lot of her time was dedicated to looking after her new baby. She decided to opt for EMS personal training as the doctor had suggested her not to push her body too hard after the birth. EMS training is great for postnatal recovery. 

She could start seeing great results from the first day itself. Personal training at Bodytec helped her lose weight after pregnancy and tone up her muscles, all while allowing her to spend time with her new baby. EMS personal training sends millions of signals through the nervous system to receive the information to the muscles by activating them. This is a time-saving activity. Just twenty minutes of activity can help you discover a healthier and stronger you. 

How To Stay Fitter And Healthier With EMS Personal Training?

As compared to conventional methods of workout and exercise, it helps you achieve more strength and endurance in a shorter span of time. Whether you are not a fan of exercising at the gym or have no time to go to the gym, personal training at Bodytec can help you achieve amazing results. The experienced personal trainers can help you improve your posture and lose weight faster. When combined with a healthy diet and regular cardio exercise such as walking, swimming or yoga, you can achieve a toned body and smash your health and fitness goals in no time. 

Specialized Bodytec Suits

Bodytec has the best body suits that are flexible and can fit all shapes and sizes. The special Miha body suit can be connected to the Bodytec EMS machine, where they then transfer the electrical impulses to different parts of the body from where you want to lose weight. Our EMS machines can target 8 core muscle groups, and we can adjust the intensity of each of these depending on your fitness goals. Whether you want to lose fat from your thighs or tone up your stomach, you can easily do that with the help of Bodytec personal training. The personal trainers can help you adjust the intensity of the exercise and train you in order to get the maximum benefits. 

Advantages Of EMS Training 

This is a painless form of exercise that helps you lose weight and tone up your muscles. Over 90% of your muscles are worked out during the EMS training session. As there is no heavy weight lifting, you are not straining your joints and putting unnecessary pressure on your body. You do not need to rest for a few minutes after the EMS session is over. EMS training improves the blood circulation and provides relief from joint pain also. Balance your muscle system with the help of EMS training. People who cannot exercise due to their health issues have been using this form of passive exercise and enjoying the amazing benefits. 


When you visit the studio, you will always be guided through your session with a personal trainer so that you don’t overdo it. Your workout schedule would be planned by us so that you can achieve your fitness goals. Recent studies have shown that 30% of the people who have undergone EMS training achieved the best results in the first two sessions as compared to traditional forms of exercises. So, what are you waiting for? Achieve results faster than ever with EMS training.

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